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RediCare Patient Success: -5 Stone Weight Loss, Cholesterol -38%

Ann McKenna
By Andrew Sheppard

Michael is a 39 year old male who has lost a whopping -5 stone weight and reduced his cholesterol by a whopping -39% thus far on the RediCare program.

Michael started out the program in February 2015 just shy of 23 stone weight and was classed as Obese 3. His blood pressure was quite elevated at 145/89 and thus classified Stage 1 Hypertensive and his cholesterol was at a very high 8.1. Michael followed the RediCare intervention program to the letter as directed by his health coach and made life changing improvements to his overall health and wellbeing. The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted with Michael in May 2015.

Summary Chart_MK


QCan you tell me about your past attempts to get your weight under control?

I was pretty conscious of foods and ate healthily for the most part but I wasn’t exercising.

As far as diets were concerned – I had tried them all, you name it – Atkins, Weight Watchers, the Cambridge diet, all of which worked in the short term but all the weight came back on. My diet wasn’t too bad but my weight was creeping up. I had a very limited knowledge of the importance of monitoring your food and calorie intake.


Q – How did you learn about RediCare?

I did a Health Assessment in work, at the time I was considering making a move to do something about my health. Although I wanted to lose the weight my health was a far bigger priority for me so choosing a company that focused on Blood Pressure and Cholesterol reduction as well as weight seemed like the perfect fit.




Q – What do you feel is unique about RediCare?

I found the diet very manageable as it is based around eating nutritionally complete healthy foods. Over the last few months I have developed a far greater knowledge of foods and now I see food from a functional point of view. The science is the key to weight loss and monitoring my foods meant I could keep track of the data I needed to in order to reach my goals.

Other programs push products and meal replacements which I have never been a fan of. My health Coach at RediCare developed a plan that was specific to me and my personal goals. In previous programs I felt I was being told to follow a generic plan. This plan is tailored to me personally and adjusted week to week in line with my progress.


Q – How is your life different now that you have reached your new weight?

To date I have lost 73 pounds in 12 weeks. Weight is important to me but improving my health has always been my priority. My blood pressure has dropped from high to normal. More importantly for me my quality of life has improved dramatically. My energy levels are much higher, I have improved concentration and feel far more motivated and driven in work. I now feel like I can keep up while running around with my kids which is a huge plus.

Q – Would you recommend the program to a friend or family member?

Absolutely, I already have!

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