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Reducing Blood Pressure & Cholesterol with Behavioural Medicine & Lifestyle Intervention

Ann McKenna
By Redicare

RediCare, the chronic disease prevention and management clinic recently published some very interesting results on Cholesterol and Blood Pressure control which were achieved using Behavioural Medicine and its Lifestyle Intervention program.

In a recent cohort analysis of patients on their program, hypertensive patients showed an average systolic blood pressure decline of -18.36%, and diastolic blood pressure reduced by -14.44%, over an 8 week period.


In addition to this Total Cholesterol levels for these same patients reduced by a very considerable -19.94% over a similar period.

Cholesterol Reduction_Total_450x376


Weight Reduced Significantly

Patients weight reduced significantly, with an average weight reduction of -5.6%, -9.6% and -10.1% of total body weight at week 4, 8 and 12 respectively.

This is transformational, a 10% reduction in weight has significant health benefits, including reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.” says Dr. Barra Ó Tuama, a RediCare Doctor who is a Specialist Sports Medicine Physician and Family Doctor.

Weight Loss_Total_450x311

Clinically Significant Results

Commenting on the results, Dr. Ó Tuama said, this clearly shows the link between lifestyle Intervention and improved health, these are significant results and were achieved without any medications. The patients all participated in the RediCare lifestyle Intervention where each patient was prescribed an individual treatment plan involving a personal exercise plan and a specific diet plan designed to reduce elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and lower weight.

Adherence Monitoring is the Key to Success

“Adherence Monitoring and Accountability is the Key to success”, says Andrew Sheppard, MSc, RediCare’s lead health coach. Commenting on the program delivery, Andrew explains that each patient undergoes an initial doctors physical examination and has bloods taken to assess Cholesterol, Lipid Profiles, A1C and other key health markers.

Once patients are on a RediCare intervention, they are all given the use of an electronic scales which transmits their weight to our operations centre each day. Each client is given an exercise tracking device where we can see how much exercise they are getting and we also give clients an app that allows them to easily track what they are eating.

This allows RediCare to remotely monitor client’s adherence to their plan and their progress every day.

We precisely track what they are eating which is very important for the treatment of Hypertension and High Cholesterol, we have full visibility on our client’s adherence to our treatment plan.

Vital biometrics including blood pressure are checked at regular intervals during the program. Each patient is held accountable to their Health Coach on a daily basis which increases patient adherence and results in significant improvements in patients health.

Intense lifestyle and behavioural intervention, coupled with real-time remote monitoring of patients diet, exercise and weight looks to have a big future in health care and could have a seminal role to play in cardiovascular disease prevention.

For more information on RediCare chronic disease prevention and management services visit www.redicare.ie or call 021 487 6362.

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