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HbA1c Levels Under Control with RediCare

Ann McKenna
By Andrew Sheppard

Mary is a Type 1 Diabetic and so has traditionally had to inject herself with insulin 6 times per day.

Mary started out at 15 stone 9 lbs with a bmi of 34.3 (obese 1). At the time her HbA1c (test for control of diabetes) measurement level was 6.7%. At RediCare she has followed the RediCare diabetes intervention program which is based on the clinically validated Diabetes Prevention Program developed at the CDC.

To date Mary has lost 30lbs weight and currently weighs 13 stone 7 pounds. This represents a very significant reduction of -14% in her body weight. In conjunction with this weight loss her HbA1c levels have reduced dramatically to 5.3%, representing a -21% improvement.

HbA1c Chart

On a recent trip to the diabetes clinic her doctor commented that her HbA1c levels have reduced to that of a non diabetic. As a result of this improvement the doctor told Mary she no longer needs to attend the clinic every 3 months and he is happy to see her once each year as she has the condition so well under control.

The following is a testimonial Mary submitted to us in August 2015. In the intervening period Mary has continued to reduce her weight and keep her type 1 diabetes condition well under control.

Health Stats Summary:

Data Summary


How RediCare have helped me take control of my Diabetes?

Before coming to RediCare I had been under the false impression that my diet and lifestyle was pretty good. I knew I was carrying some extra weight but had put that down to having a slow metabolism.

Shortly after joining the program I had learned enough about my diet to know that it wasn’t as good as I had first thought. Logging my foods made me so much more aware of what I was eating and made me see that I wasn’t being fully honest with myself.

In my time on the program I broke bad habits from snacking to making poor food choices and developed new good habits as outlined in the very first session with my Health Coach.


I am now 30lbs lighter and fitter than ever before.

I am a Type 1 Diabetic so I have to inject myself daily. Approx 6 or 7 weeks into the program I realised I wasn’t feeling the need to administer as much insulin, in fact to date I have cut out my morning insulin and reduced my lunchtime amount by 2 units and my dinner amount also by 2 units.

I recently had my bloods tested at the Diabetes clinic and found that my HbA1c level had dropped from my usual 6.7% to 5.3% which is technically in a range considered Non Diabetic. My doctor told me he no longer needs to see me every 12 weeks and feels happy to see me once a year given how well I am in control of my blood sugar levels. He is thrilled with my weight loss progress too.

In 21 years this is the healthiest I have felt and I have more control over my condition than ever before.

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