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Type 2 Diabetes Reversed with RediCare

Ann McKenna
By Andrew Sheppard

Tom is a 46-year old male from Cork who has reversed his Type 2 diabetes while on the RediCare diabetes intervention program and displayed significant improvement across all the major bio markers.

Tom started out the program weighing 17 stone 8 lbs. This equated to a body mass index (bmi) of 32.2 and put him in the Obese category. Tom was also a Type 2 diabetes and as a result has had to inject himself with insulin 5 to 6 times per day. His HbA1c (diabetes test) reading was 7.6% when he commenced the program.


Over the duration of the RediCare program Tom has followed the direction of his RediCare health coach and has lost an outstanding –19 lbs weight. This in turn has reduced his bmi to 29.7 and is no longer in the obese range. The knock-on benefit of this is that he is managing his insulin levels far better than before the intervention and his HbA1c levels have reduced to 6.2%. The significance of this is that Tom has dropped a diabetes risk level from being Type 2 diabetic to Pre-diabetic.

Tom called his doctor to report the new readings and his doctor has asked him to come in to discuss reducing his medication with a view to coming off entirely it in the near future.


Program Timeline

Tom was assigned the D.P.P (Diabetes Prevention Programme) protocol which he adhered to with the help and guidance of his assigned health coach. Throughout the program he logged his food and activity, as well as his daily weight and was coached to make better decisions.

Tom’s Redicare Health Coach set guidelines around his nutrient intake and monitored these on a daily basis to ensure the desired outcome. He was encouraged to exercise 5 days per week and watch his intake of carbohydrates, sugar, fat and sodium.



Tom adhered to the program and has lost 19 lbs. His post intervention HbA1C level had reduced significantly and fell into the “non diabetic” category, indicating a reversal of diabetes.

Tom was delighted with the outcome and commented that he had being trying “for years” without success to control his insulin intake and blood sugar levels.

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