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RediCare Patient Success: -3 Grades Blood Pressure & -23lbs Weight Loss

Ann McKenna
By Redicare

Eileen is a 53 year old female who has lost23 lbs weight and dropped 3 grades in blood pressure thus far on the RediCare program in just 13 weeks. She also decided to quit smoking and take up jogging as a result.

Eileen started out the program at 11 stone with a BMI of 28.7 (Overweight) and her blood pressure was an elevated Stage 2 Hypertensive. Over the intervening 3 months she has followed the RediCare intervention program as directed by her health coach. To date she has lost -23lbs in weight (-15%) and is at her ideal bodyweight of 9 stone 4 pounds. Eileen has also reversed her blood pressure which is now classed as being “optimal”.

Weight Loss Progress



QCan you tell me a bit about your health and what you were experiencing before enrolling in the RediCare Program?

My health was in a bad state, I was smoking a lot, was very short of breath and unfit, my diet was poor and I was lethargic.

Q What had you done in the past to try and improve your health?

I tried to lose weight in the past – with some short term successes. I walked quite a bit and would lose weight but I never managed to keep it off. I had little or no understanding of what good nutrition was.

Q – How did you learn about RediCare?

Early this year I went to my doctor as I was very short of breath. I had very high blood pressure and needed to do something about it urgently. I did a lot of searching and was keen to find a program that could address my medical needs as well as achieving my weight loss goals. To me weight loss was important but improving my overall health status was a priority.

Blood Pressure

The following is a Q&A interview conducted with Eileen in April 2015.

Q – What do you feel is unique about RediCare?

For me, knowing that my every move, from my activity to my foods and even my daily weight was being monitored by my own Health Coach was incredibly motivating. Andrew was very knowledgeable but was also understanding and helped me through any obstacles I faced. I really felt he was on my side and the support was huge. Being able to have feedback in real time meant I couldn’t go wrong really. Another huge plus for me was the fact that I never felt like I was on a diet. I ate healthy foods and lots of them and never felt deprived or hungry. This approach makes it easier for me to continue to eat the same way once I finish up on the program.

Q – How is your life different now that you have reached your goal weight?

My life has changed dramatically. I am now a non-smoker, have taken up jogging and I have a whole new outlook on health and my diet. I am fitter than I have ever been and will continue to be as active as I was on the program. The education in the weekly sessions as well as the daily food logging will stand to me forever. I now understand so much more about foods and how to maintain my weight loss.

Resting Heart Rate

Q- Have you seen any improvements in your health?

I no longer feel breathless, I feel fitter and have so much more energy. My blood pressure levels are way down without any medication. Before I started my blood pressure was sky high and I have completely reversed it by doing this program. I feel and look younger and I owe it all to RediCare and my Health Coach.

Q – Is there anything you would like to say to someone considering joining RediCare?

Go for it. I would recommend this program to anyone, in fact I already have. It’s fantastic, and it has literally changed my life.


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