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RediCare Patient Success: -36lbs Weight, Blood Pressure Lowered

Ann McKenna
By Redicare

Alex is a 47 year old male from Cork who has lost 36 lbs weight and dropped 2 grades in blood pressure thus far on the RediCare program.

Alex started out the program at 122kg weight with a BMI of 38 (Obese 2) and his blood pressure was an elevated Stage 2 Hypertensive. Over the intervening 3-4 months he has diligently followed the RediCare intervention program as directed by his health coach. To date he has lost a massive -36lbs weight and his blood pressure levels have significantly reduced by 2 grades to ‘High/Normal’ levels.

Alex remains on the program as he strives to improve his health even further and the following are excerpts from a Q&A phone interview conducted with him in March 2015.

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QCan you tell me a bit about your health and what you were experiencing before enrolling in the RediCare Program?

In the summer of 2014, I was very overweight and my blood pressure was elevated to Stage 2 Hypertension, my Doctor told me I really needed to do something about my health.

Q What had you done in the past to try and improve your health?

I tried to lose weight in the past – some worked for a while, some didn’t. I felt all other methods were self-defeating and counterproductive, some were all about selling me meal replacements which I know now is not sustainable. I cycled a lot in 2006 and 2007 which got my weight down, but the weight went back on when I stopped cycling, especially in winter time. I simply did not understand the nutritional and lifestyle modification side of losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

Q – How did you learn about RediCare?

In Sept 2015 I promised myself I would sign on to a program to lose weight and get my blood pressure and overall health under control. This time, I did a lot of research on weight loss programs, I needed a clinic that understood my medical and overall health needs.
After a lot of research and an initial assessment with the team at RediCare, I signed up in November for a 14 weeks program designed to reduce my weight safely and lower my blood pressure by implementing the clinically prove dietary approach to stopping hypertension (DASH eating protocol).

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Q – What do you feel is unique about RediCare?

Accountability and adherence monitoring is the unique thing about RediCare. I really like the tracking and the remote adherence monitoring. It keeps me accountable every day and changes my behaviour.

Everything is tracked on a daily basis, there is no hiding, it’s big brother stuff. They track my daily eating, exercise and daily weight loss progress. This worked really well as RediCare designed a very specific eating plan for lowering my blood pressure and well as my weight loss objectives.

My RediCare health coach Andrew was able to point out where I am making mistakes and explain how to fix these. This was done in real time, no need to visit the clinic. They could see everything about my adherence to my personal plan online in real time and make suggestions and give advice daily if needed. This was especially useful during the early phases of the program.

Q – Why have you been so successful?

I credit my coach, Andrew Sheppard, with much of my success. I’m very curious and I am always asking questions about my progress, my eating plan etc. He was willing to read through and answer all my queries in detail – and always replied thoughtfully, compassionately, and with great suggestions. He always showed empathy and great support.

We built a relationship through his encouraging meetings and emails. It is not the same as just using a computer – there is a person on your side that has the knowledge, credentials, and cares about your success. You know he is watching you. You feel his support. And all on my schedule, even when I was travelling to Korea for work. The coach aspect is the most important for me. I needed that personal feedback.

Q – How is your life different now that you have lost so much weight with RediCare?

I’ve never felt better in my life. I walk regularly, I play golf and I am very conscious of the amount of exercise I need to be healthy. I am now super aware of the types of food and bad habits that can cause me to put on weight. My energy is way up. I’m more active around the house, and playing the best golf of my life.

Q- Have you seen any improvements in your health?

My blood pressure levels are way down without increased medication, my weight is way down. My Doctor is very happy with my progress and health improvements in such a short period of time.

Q – Is there anything you would like to say to someone considering joining RediCare?

RediCare works for me because I worked closely with the RediCare Team. I eat to live, and no longer live to eat.

I enjoy the food I eat and I am now making much more educated eating decisions. I never feel deprived at the end of the day. Together with RediCare I found success when I couldn’t find it anywhere else before. RediCare will work for anyone that does the work and follows the personal plan RediCare will develop for them.

Q – What Next?

I am now on RediCare Phase 3, where I plan to lose a further 20lbs before our family goes on holidays. This will have me at my lowest weight in 20 years and feeling in the best health in a long time.


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