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Blood Pressure back to Normal after 2 grade reduction

Ann McKenna
By Andrew Sheppard

Mark is a 31 year old male from Cork who has lost 27 lbs weight and dropped 2 grades in blood pressure on the RediCare program.

Mark started out the program at 17.5 stone with a BMI of 34.4 and his blood pressure was at an elevated high normal level. Over the intervening 2 months Mark stuck the RediCare intervention program as directed by his health coach and to date he has lost -27lbs weight and has reversed his blood pressure to a now “Optimal” level. Since finishing the program Mark has gone back to playing competitive football.

The following are excerpts from a Q&A interview conducted with Mark in June 2015.

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QCan you tell me a bit about your health and what you were experiencing before enrolling in the RediCare Program?

In the past I have played football competitively and really wanted to get back to a place where I was fit enough to go back training, with a view to eventually playing again. Just before starting the program I was particularly lethargic, I was barely able to get through the day and would come home and crash on the couch. I had no motivation to exercise and relied on energy drinks to give me energy. I wouldn’t have considered my diet to be “bad” as such, but working with Andrew (my RediCare health coach) really opened my eyes.


Q – How did you learn about RediCare?

The program had come highly recommended from a work colleague of mine who had lost lots of weight on the program herself.

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Q – Describe your journey on the program and what you feel did (or didn’t) work for you:

The program was so thorough, your steps are tracked through an activity tracker, your weight through a scales and you log your foods through an easy to use app. All the information is going to your health coach who monitors you on a daily basis. Just knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your progress really keeps you on your toes – there’s no hiding!

I learned so much about foods, there was no mystery to it. I could see everything I was eating and had weekly feedback on how my diet was, I was given advice each week and was emailed during the week too so I know the health coach was watching me.

The diet was very sustainable, I had always feared that if I went on a “diet” I would feel hungry and like I was missing out on certain foods. I never felt hungry on the program which is why I fee l I will continue to lose weight and keep it off.

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Q- Have you seen any improvements in your health?

I am literally bursting with energy and feel excited about my health for the first time ever. I am looking forward to losing more weight. My blood pressure is better than ever and my cholesterol has dropped down to a safe level which is a big relief. I have gone back playing football competitively which I was starting to think I would never do. I would 100% recommend the program to anyone looking to lose weight or just improve their health.



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