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Frequently Asked Weight Loss Questions

Ann McKenna
By Redicare

The following is a sample of the most frequently asked questions we receive re the RediCare Weight Loss Program.

How is the RediCare Weight Loss Program different?

The RediCare Weight Loss Program is a doctor-led program. The program is broken into two phases – weight loss and weight stability. We spend at least as much time teaching you to maintain a stable weight as we do teaching you to lose weight because research shows that it’s more important for your long term success.

In the initial weight loss phase each client meets weekly with a member of our expert team, uses wireless devices to enable daily monitoring of their weight and activity and follows a program customized by their Health Coach.

Why is behaviour and lifestyle change, not just weight loss a focus of your program?

Many programs can help you to lose weight. A 2000 calorie reduction will cause you to lose weight – it’s that easy in principal. The simple equation for weight loss is simple math that doesn’t take into account nutritional needs or ability to sustain that eating pattern.

We are focused on your long term results, not just a short term dip. To achieve weight stability and improve long term health, it is critical that your target weight loss is achieved in a way that is sustainable. We help you make better daily choices within the specific constraints of your life, so that those new positive habits can be sustained over the long haul.

Who is on my weight loss team?

The RediCare weight loss team is doctor led. To assist you in your day to day challenges and monitoring, you will be assigned a dedicated health coach who is qualified in nutrition, fitness and mindset change. This is a multi-disciplinary approach, if you need more help with exercise we will arrange this, if you need specific nutrition advice and guidance we will get this for you.

What is a wireless activity tracker? Why do I need a GSM scale? Why all these devices?

We love data and we know you will too. On a daily basis, it allows you and us to see exactly where you are succeeding and where you may need to focus some attention. We use 2 devices in the initial program.

  • A wireless activity tracker that monitors your movement and sleep.
  • A gsm enabled scales that takes a measurement of your current weight. Stepping on it once a day takes just a few seconds and displays your information on the scale as well as automatically logging your weight data online.

The data from these devices is uploaded into your RediCare dashboard so that you and your wellness team can monitor the patterns and progress of your program. If you are taking a step back or the devices are showing inactivity you will get a call from your health coach to check in and see if any program adjustment is needed to help you succeed.


RediCare Monitoring & Adherence

How do you measure calorie intake?

We use a special easy to use app which allows easy tracking of food intake with your smart phone. The data is also automatically logged on your dashboard, so we can monitor what you are eating each day and the amount of calories you are taking in. This also allows us to monitor the quality of food you are eating. If you do not have a smart phone, you can log your food on your PC once you have web access.

Why do I need to weigh myself every day?

Research findings show that 75% of long-term weight losers weigh themselves on a regular basis. Self awareness and self-monitoring are essential behaviours for those who keep weight off long-term. That is part of the rationale for including wireless tracking devices in the RediCare Weight Loss Program.

Why do I need a Personal Health Coach?

We believe in the power of human accountability. RediCare is not just some technology or an app. You are our customer and client. We pair you with experts, all of whom fit your personality and objectives and can work with you to assist with your weight and lifestyle goals. Your Health Coach Monitors your progress daily, he/she track what you are eating, how much you are exercising, you daily weight progress.

Using face to face meetings or Skype video conferencing, you have to meet your expert and look them in the eyes on a regular basis.

There’s no place to hide. Your chances of succeeding in long-term weight loss are much higher when you have someone holding you accountable and you take responsibility.

Why do you talk about 10 – 15 % body weight reduction?

Often, people who lose large amounts of weight quickly are unable to keep that weight off and end up gaining even more back. Research has found that a 10% decrease in body weight over 3 months and 15% at 6 months is safe and sustainable. Focusing on stability after losing weight allows newly formed lifestyle habits to become a permanent behavioural foundation. Secondary phases of weight loss can follow for people who have a clinical need to reduce their weight by more than 15%.

10% -15% Is Powerful

A 10-15% reduction in body weight will:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce incidence of depression
  • Reduce your risk of cancer
  • Increase your energy & restful sleep
  • Lower cholesterol and improve triglyceride levels
  • Set an important example for your family, children and friends

Can I keep the scales and activity tracker once the program is complete?

We loan you the scales and tracking devices while you are on the program. The GSM scales and activity trackers can be purchased at most consumer electronic stores or at a RediCare clinic.

Why is accountability so important?

One of the key research finding on weight loss is that 75% of long-term weight losers weigh themselves at least once a week. Self-awareness and self-monitoring are essential behaviours for those who keep weight off long-term. That is part of the rationale for including wireless tracking devices in the RediCare Weight Loss Program.

Every time you step on the weighing scales, it automatically and wirelessly syncs your stats through your Wi-Fi network to your private account. From there, you and your RediCare advisor have got real-time access to your progress, 24/7 and you can analyze your weight, and BMI trends with easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

Each RediCare client is held accountable to their weight loss goals by your expert coach or team of coaches. Meetings with each RediCare expert are held via a physical meeting or video conference, thereby increasing the personal accountability between you and your expert coach. Video conferencing and Skype communication is increasingly recognised in the healthcare industry as a powerful way for patients to connect with healthcare professionals.


If you have any additional questions which are not answered above please do not hesitate to email us on info@redicare.ie or call us on 021 487 6362 and we’ll be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

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