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Therapeutic Lifestyle Therapeutic Lifestyle

RediCare Implements Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) to lower Cholesterol including:

  • Weight Reduction & Management
  • A Personal Cholesterol Lowering Diet
  • Increased Physical Activity

TLC is for anyone whose LDL is above recommended levels.

Key Features

  • Doctor Consulted Program, including physical exam, bloods including cholesterol lipid profile, and RMR
  • Personal eating plan, incorporating the clinically validated, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) diet
  • Personal exercise / activity plan
  • Remote adherence monitoring of your Exercise, Eating Plan and daily Weight Loss progress.
  • Regular 1-to-1 sessions with your dedicated health coach
  • Regular measurement of your total cholesterol levels

Our Results

The RediCare Blood Cholesterol Intervention achieves clinically significant results
-25% reduction in Blood Cholesterol over and avg 10 week duration
Results achieved via weight reduction, diet and exercise.


The RediCare Program includes a series of educational modules designed to increase your knowledge of nutrition and exercise.

We provide you with the tools to enable you to deal with lapses in your new lifestyle and deal with challenging situations.

Adherence Monitoring of Your Treatment.

RediCare monitors and manages your
cholesterol lowering treatment remotely

We track your adherence to your cholesterol
lowering eating plan,Your exercise,
your daily weight reduction.

Adherence Monitoring

Need Help We are available every day
to answer any query you have on your plan

Therapeutic Lifestyle

Next Steps

Come a visit us at RediCare and we will do an Initial assessment and outline a treatment plan to get your Cholesterol Levels under control