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Key Features

  • Doctor Consulted Program
  • Daily Remote Tracking of your Exercise and Calorie intake
  • Daily Remote Tracking of your Weight Loss progress
  • Regular 1 to 1 sessions with your dedicated health coach
  • 24/7 tracking of your daily movement, exercise & eating patterns

Our Results

The RediCare Weight Loss Intervention achieves clinically significant results,
10.1% reduction in body weight over an average 12 week duration.
Results achieved via diet, exercise and active monitoring.

The Right Size For You

Combination of 3 Elements

Long term sustainable weight loss control is a combination of 3 elements -Nutrition, Fitness & Motivation. You can’t lose weight and keep it off for the long term unless you address each element.

The RediCare Weight Loss program addresses all 3 elements and closes the gap between thinking about losing weight and doing it.

Nutrition Nutrition
Fitness Fitness
Motivation Motivation

What Gets
Measured Gets Done

You cannot manage what you do not measure

As with anything in life, data gives you power. RediCare turns that data into insights. We Provide you with wireless devices that easily allow you to track your Weight Loss Progress, Calorie Consumption and Activity/Exercise.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

The Science

Sustainable Behaviour Changes vs. Rapid Weight Loss Rebound

Typical diet programs can produce short-term results, but adherence to dieting behaviour and results falters over time. RediCare is a program that is designed specifically to deliver steady weight loss through good diet, exercise and behaviour changes that can be sustained for life.

The Science

Nutrition Drives Initial Weight Loss Phase

Initial weight loss is driven by modifying your nutrition patterns and moderate exercise changes. Fitness becomes increasingly important when maintaining weight loss. A healthy mindset provides the foundation for habit development in both the initial weight loss and long term weight maintenance phases.

The Science

10-15% Weight Loss Is Life Changing

Combination of 3 Elements

Losing 10 - 15% is the beginning that can change your life forever. Each life changed turns the tide and makes the future better for generations to come.

  • 10-15% is Small

  • 10-15% is Real

  • 10-15% is Powerful

Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits
  • Lower your risk for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Cholesterol and Improve Triglyceride Levels
  • Reduce Cancer Risk
  • Reduce Incidence of Depression
  • Great Example for Children, Family & Friends