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Pre Diabetes Risks

Without intervention, Pre Diabetes is likely to become Type 2 Diabetes in 10 years or less. The complications of Diabetes include Heart Disease, Stroke and problems with your Eyes, Kidneys, Nerves, and Gums and Teeth.

Pre Diabetes

Most people with Pre Diabetes don't have any symptoms

Pre Diabetes is Treatable

Pre Diabetes is Treatable with Behavioural Medicine & Lifestyle Intervention:

  • Weight Reduction
  • Healthy Eating
  • Increased Exercise

Studies by Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA showed that the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes can be reduced by:

  • 58% with a decrease of 5% of body weight and regular exercise.
  • 85% with a decrease of 10% of body weight and regular exercise

The RediCare results are consistent with the CDC studies.

Reduce your risk

Adherence Monitoring of Your Treatment

RediCare Monitors and Manages
your Diebetes
Program Remotely.

Adherence Monitoring

We Track your Adherence to your Eating
Your Exercise, Your Daily
Weight Reduction.

Pre Diabetes Risks

The RediCare Diabetes Prevention Program includes a series of educational modules designed to increase your knowledge of nutrition and exercise. These modules enables participants to identify emotions and situations that can sabotage your success and provides the tools to enable you to deal with lapses in your new lifestyle and deal with challenging situations.

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Come visit us at RediCare and we will do an Initial assessment and outline a treatment plan to get your Pre Diabetes under control with behavioural Medicine & Lifestyle Intervention