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The RediCare delivery platform allows our Doctors and Health Coaches to gain deep insights into a patient’s adherence and behaviour.

RediCare remotely monitors on a daily basis what each patient is eating, what exercise and the quality of exercise they are taking, how much weight they are losing.

RediCare Monitoring & Adherence

Accountability is the Key to Success

We believe in the power of human accountability. We pair you with experts, all of whom fit your personality and objectives and can work with you to assist with your overeall health and lifestyle goals.

Using face to face meetings or video conferencing, you have to meet your expert and look them in the eye on a regular basis. There’s no place to hide. Your chances of reaching your health goals are much higher when you have someone holding you accountable and you taking responsibility.

Designed to Fit your Lifestyle

It’s so easy to become unhealthy and put yourself at risk of developing chronic disease with bad lifestyle. Schedules are hectic, portion sizes are too big, we eat too much, we do not exercise enough and we feel like we do not have the time to focus on ourselves.

The RediCare platform is specifically designed for people like you.

Your RediCare health coach will teach you what you need to know about good eating habits and we will show you how to easily track your food intake each day. We use healthy eating plans to reduce weight which leads to a healthier lifestyle. We put in place specific eating plans for those who have high Blood Pressure or high Cholesterol, we can answer any question you have on these plans on a daily basis. We implement exercise plans that fit into your daily life.

Daily Monitoring

Research results show that daily weighing is effective and valuable to individuals trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain. Self-awareness and self-monitoring are essential behaviours for those who keep weight off long-term. This is the rationale for including wireless tracking devices on the RediCare intervention programs.

Every time you step on the weighing scales, it automatically syncs your stats through to your private RediCare account. From there, you and your RediCare advisor have got real-time access to your progress, 24/7 and you can analyze your weight loss progress.

Specific eating plans for those who have high Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol need to be adhered too precisely.

Most people have no idea how many calories they should eat or how many calories are in the food they eat. The majority of people underestimate their daily calories. RediCare allows you to easily monitor every calorie for every meal. It’s simple using our tracking app which contains a large extensive library of foods.

As you log your food intake daily, we can track your adherence to your eating plan and advise you on a daily basis where and how to make adjustments.