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What are the Treatments for prediabetes?

If you have prediabetes, healthy lifestyle choices can help you bring your blood sugar level back to normal or at least keep it from rising toward the levels seen in Type 2 diabetes.


Maintaining a healthy weight through exercise and healthy eating can help. Exercising at least 150 minutes a week and losing 5 to 10 percent of your body weight may prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes.

Sometimes medications — such as metformin and others also are an option if you’re at high risk of diabetes, including when your prediabetes is worsening or if you have cardiovascular disease, fatty liver disease or polycystic ovary syndrome.

In other cases, medications to control cholesterol with the use statins are needed. High blood pressure medications are needed.

Your doctor might prescribe low-dose aspirin therapy to help prevent cardiovascular disease if you’re at high risk. Healthy lifestyle interventions such as those delivered by RediCare remain key and should be implemented by everyone who are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.